Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Predictive insights for profitable decision-making.

We take complicated problems and translate them into clear, actionable advice.

Transformational discoveries through:

  • The right data to drive the right results. With our unrivaled data collection expertise and proprietary global polling infrastructure, we show leaders which data are most informative and valuable for their company -- and how to use them to get the results they need.
  • The right analysis to solve critical business problems. By combining our extensive industry and functional expertise with our knowledge of data and analytics, our advanced analytics help companies solve niche business problems and improve operational effectiveness.
  • The right culture for business integration. Companies that integrate advanced analytics into their decision-making processes achieve optimum performance. We help businesses deploy change management strategies for lasting results.

Case Study: Increasing Sales Forecast Accuracy With Predictive Analytics

For one public service agency in the U.S., predicting consumer demand for a particular product was increasingly difficult.

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Successful Predictive Analytics Demand a Data-Driven Workplace

The data movement is growing exponentially, not only in sheer quantity of data but also in the ways companies use data for strategic decision-making.

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Case Study: Optimizing New Product Sales With Predictive Analytics

To predict the best plan for a new product launch, company leaders sought Gallup's help.

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Case Study: Forecasting Consumer Demand With Predictive Analytics

Inaccuracies in demand forecasts led to multiple cycles of underproduction or overproduction and the inability to meet the demands of strategic clients ...

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Guide to Customer Centricity: Analytics and Advice for B2B leaders

How to accelerate your growth by listening to and acting on the voice of your customer.

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How Millennials Want to Work and Live Abridged Report

Based on more than 25 studies, this report provides an in-depth look at what defines the millennial generation as employees, people and consumers.

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