Gallup has made it our mission to maximize the way K-12 schools define and measure student performance by focusing on the human elements of learning. Our researchers are dedicated to measuring the educational outcomes that matter most -- great jobs and great lives -- and put strengths-based learning and development strategies in place that drive both. When students know what they do best and have opportunities to develop their strengths, they are more motivated and enthusiastic about learning and are more likely to be engaged at school.

School Engagement

Students who strongly agree that their school is committed to building the strengths of each student and say that they have at least one teacher who makes them excited about the future are approximately 30 times as likely as their peers who strongly disagree with these two statements to be emotionally engaged at school. Gallup offers two gold-standard surveys to help school leaders measure and improve student and teacher engagement: the Gallup Student Poll and the Q12 employee engagement survey. These surveys provide principals and superintendents with actionable data -- not just reports that sit on a shelf.

Strengths Development

Gallup works with K-12 schools and districts to give them the tools and insights to develop personalized education plans that match with each student's unique strengths. Gallup helps set a course for building strengths-based cultures in which every teacher, staff member, and principal can identify, understand, and apply his or her own strengths. The end result is a dynamic and positive educational environment where social-emotional learning and development are institutionalized.

Teacher and School Leader Hiring

Since the early 1970s, Gallup has studied the characteristics of exceptional teachers and developed assessments to assist schools in creating talent-based hiring systems. Nothing predicts success in a role like innate talent. Gallup's assessments not only assess talent but also provide tools to develop "best of the best" teachers, principals, and supporting staff. TeacherInsight, PrincipalInsight, and SupportInsight are research-based structured assessments that provide depth, ease, and speed never before found in a single hiring interview.

The Gallup K-12 Difference

  • More attitudinal and behavioral research on students and teachers than any organization in the world
  • Largest panel of fifth- to 12th-graders in the U.S. through the Gallup Student Poll
  • Forty-six year study on public perceptions of K-12 schools with PDK/Gallup Poll

Gallup Knowledge