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3 In-Depth Surveys

To gain a true understanding of how postsecondary education is working for students, we must go straight to the source. That includes current students, alumni and education consumers of all backgrounds. The Strada-Gallup College Student Survey, Alumni Index, and Education Consumer Pulse are part of our broader efforts to listen to education consumers to strengthen education to employment pathways.

500,000+ Voices

Through the Strada-Gallup Education Consumer Insights partnership, we're asking more than 500,000 Americans to share their education experiences. We're listening to the general population through 350 daily interviews as part of the groundbreaking Education Consumer Survey (360,000 over three years), alumni (78,000 interviews to date through the Strada-Gallup Alumni Survey, formerly the Gallup-Purdue Index) and current students (32,000 interviews to date).

1 Unprecedented Partnership

Consumer insights in education have never before been captured on this scale and at this level of detail. Together, Gallup and Strada Education Network will offer a new way to look at student success -- one that takes education consumers' perspectives into account.

The Hechinger Report

Opinion: Research confirms an urgent need to improve how students are supported when choosing college majors

Bill Hansen and Johnny C. Taylor Jr.

Choosing a college major is one of the most important decisions students make. It influences everything from employment and earning potential to overall health and happiness. Research shows that most students are lacking valued advice when making these decisions -- and too many come to regret their choices later in life.

The New York Times

Six Myths About Choosing a College Major

Jeffrey J. Selingo

Students get plenty of advice about picking a major. It turns out, though, that most of it is from family and friends, according to a September Gallup survey.

Inside Higher Ed

Where Students Get Advice in Picking a Major

Paul Fain

Gallup and Strada, the former USA Funds, today released the latest installment of their three-year survey project, which seeks to gauge American adults' opinions on higher education and its relationship to careers.

U.S. News & World Report

Study: Students Rely on Least Reliable Source for Advice on College Majors

Lauren Camera

When it comes to choosing college majors -- a crucial decision that lays the groundwork for future employment and earnings -- students often rely on the least reliable sources for advice: family and friends.

Report Launch

Strada Education Network and Gallup Release Inaugural Report

Strada Education Network and Gallup released the inaugural report from the Education Consumer Survey, On Second Thought: U.S. Adults Reflect on Their Educational Decisions. Find out what more than 90,000 U.S. adults say about their educational paths and how their experiences led them to where they are today.

Report Launch

Strada and Gallup Release Major Influence Report

Strada Education Network and Gallup shed light on influencers of education decisions with the launch of Major Influence: Where Students Get Valued Advice on What to Study in College. The second report from the Education Consumer Survey focuses on influential elements in how individuals choose their field of study. That is, who or what sources provide advice to students and how helpful that advice is perceived to be.

Through groundbreaking insights, Strada-Gallup Education Consumer Insights will help strengthen education to employment pathways so that more Americans realize their purpose and potential through meaningful careers and fulfilling lives.

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